Welcome to my personal site. I’m Josh. Here’s a little information about me:

I’m a Dad and it’s awesome!

I’m an ISFJ, which pretty much says it all.

I’m a teacher with an affinity toward lesson experimentation, PD writing, and amateur doodling.

I’m an enthusiast about journals and podcasting.

Feel free to browse, borrow, and provide feedback, but please keep the following items in mind (this is the full disclosure part):

  • the majority of topics revolve around teaching and zombie survival,
  • the strategies and ideologies are my malleable opinions, and
  • the resources and tools promoted here can be found on the internet and most are free.

Feel free to contact me using the information below. Feedback is always appreciated!

Josh Flores, M. Ed. | MrJFlores@Gmail.com | 405.283.2414 | Twitter-bird-logo-PNG @MrJoshFlores

Josh Flores M Ed Resume 2016

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