Turning 34So, recently I passed out. It was unplanned. It was at home with my family. Yes, I was sober. It was a first for me. I’ve been rocked in sparring sessions. I’ve come close to passing out during Jiu Jitsu grappling sessions. This was the first time I’ve passed out.

My stomach began hurting during lunch. I assumed I didn’t eat enough for breakfast – six raw eggs (a.k.a., Rocky style) and multiple cups of coffee supplemented with coconut MCT oil. I forgot to measure the MCT oil correctly but assumed my stomach could handle it. It couldn’t.

I stood up and tried to relax on the living room floor. Suddenly I felt exhausted. And nauseous. Peeling myself from the living room floor, I began to stumble to the bathroom. I had to pause and brace myself against the wall just outside my downstairs bathroom.

Then I woke up to Julie shouting my name.

I thought I was running late for work. I didn’t know I had just passed out. I figured I was waking up like I do every morning, except I was waking up on the dining room tile floor, not like I do every morning. And the right side of my jaw was throbbing. That rarely happens every morning.

According to Julie, I landed on my face – which explains why my jaw hurts – and was out for approximately 7 seconds. I didn’t have much trouble picking myself off the floor. The EMTs came and cleared me. Then my family came and doted on me. I put off a trip to the ER but promised to make an appointment with my doctor ASAP.

So, on my 34th birthday, I visited my doctor and recounted everything leading up to passing out. He lectured me about eating raw eggs. They took my blood, and I was done. I hate needles. It was a helluva way to spend a  birthday. And my jaw is still a little sore when I chew.