1. I’m techy enough.

I’m naked without my pen and journal – the kind with real ink and paper – but I’m not a Luddite. Leveraging tech helps me track multiple projects to completion and prep the next big idea. If you want to be techy with me, we could be an unstoppable productive, creative team!

2. I’m an intrinsically motivated learner.

If there is a skill that can improve my ability to teach, I’ll invest the time (and money) to learn it! When I started video editing, it was driven by my idea to make grammar lessons more engaging and entertaining. I started with free apps and a cell phone camera. I’ve invested in a lot more equipment and software over the years as well as time learning new skills. I plan to continue to develop as a public speaker and media producer.

3. I’m a content creator.

Add reason 1 and 2, and it equals reason 3. The combination of my techiness and self-taught skill sets allows me to develop cost-effective and professional quality materials, resources, and presentations. I want to continue to develop as a content creator and publish professional quality media for students and teachers.